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Tupuri fitness trail

Kalkkimäenrinne 80, 24280 Salo
Tupurin laavu
Tupurin ulkokuntoilupaikan vieressä opastaulu
Tupurin ulkoilualueen opastaulu

The starting point is at Kuntoparkki (Fitness Park), where a guide board shows the lengths of the various tracks, and by combining them, everyone will find a suitable length track.
Lighted fitness trails:
0.5 km (Lampilenkki, easy trail)
1.6 km (Tammenlenkki, intermediate trail)
1.9 km (Keskilenkki, intermediate trail)
2.5 km (Laavulenkki, intermediate trail)
3.5 km (Takalenkki, intermediate trail)
During the snowy season in the winter, there are tracks for both traditional skiing and skate skiing.
The lean-to shelter is located in Laavulenkki, on top of the hill. The lean-to shelter has firewood during holidays. During the snowy season, access to the lean-to shelter by skis.
At Kuntoparkki, there is also the starting point for the disc golf courses, as well as outdoor fitness equipment under the canopy. Tupuri MTB Park’s starting point (under the telecommunication mast) is also located near Kuntoparkki.
Parking area’s and Kuntoparkki’s address is Kalkkimäenrinne 80, Salo.

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