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Small Coastal Route

The route starts from the city center of Salo
Two people on bicycles in front of Wiurila manor
Tree alley in Teijo
Teijo church
Woman on a bicycle on the coastal route in front of sea
Sunset at the sea shore
Alpacas on pasture

Enjoy the joy of cycling and the maritime atmosphere on the Small Coastal Route. This route is all about idyllic ironworks villages, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. Get on your bike and discover the Salo Small Coastal Route. This route takes you from the city of Salo through idyllic ironworks villages, coastal villages, and maritime archipelago landscapes. Stop for a refreshing swim at the beaches, dine at local restaurants, and rest at one of the guesthouses along the route.

Kokkila ferry takes you to Kimito Island, where freedom and the breeze of the sea are present all year round. Stroll along the sea-carved cliffs and enjoy the sea air before continuing on to the award-winning and idyllic ironworks villages of the Teijo region.

The villages offer things to do and see all year round. First up is lively Mathildedal, followed by scenic Teijo and charming Kirjakkala. Park your bike and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the villages with food and refreshments. From Kirjakkala, situated between the sea and the lakes, you can also explore the trails, activities, and nature experiences of the Teijo National Park.

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