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Small Coastal Route

Route starts at the center of Salo
Wiurila manor
Green summer route.
Teijo church is on the way.
Biker at Särkisalo.
Scenic route.

Feel the joy of cycling and maritime atmosphere on the Small Coastal Route. The route is characterised by idyllic ironworks villages, beautiful landscapes and delicious food. Jump on the bike and take a tour of Salo’s Small Coastal Route. This route takes you from the city of Salo through idyllic ironworks, coastal villages and maritime archipelago landscapes. Stop for a refreshing swim, feast at the local restaurants, and rest in one of the lodgings along the way.

The Kokkila ferry takes you to Kemiönsaari island where freedom and the smell of the sea are present all year round. Walk on the cliffs, smoothed down by the sea, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze before continuing to the award-winning, idyllic ironworks villages in the Teijo region. The ironworks villages offer much to see and do throughout the year. First, you will encounter the lively Mathildedal, followed by scenic Teijo and appealing Kirjakkala. Park your bike and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the villages with some food and beverages. Kirjakkala, located between the sea and lakes, offers access to the trails, activities and nature experiences of Teijo National Park.

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