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Topuli Memorial Stone

Kalkkilantie 3, Salo

During our wars, the Topuli House of Kiikala made a heavy sacrifice on behalf of the fatherland. In the war, the house lost the sons Martti, Vilho, Kauko and Erkki and the son-in-law Mauri Helkiö. The proposal to raise a memorial stone for Topuli was made by the reserve officers’ club of Salo. The memorial stone was designed by Captain Harald Söderman, and it was manufactured for free by the stone-carving business Granit Oy of Salo. Through volunteer work, the reserve officers’ club of Salo made a base for the memorial stone and provided the necessary transportation and other practical arrangements. On 10 June 1956, Sven Sonntag, the chairman of the club, gave a speech at the unveiling ceremony, and donated the memorial stone to the ownership and care of Kiikala parish.

Updated 11.1.2023
Kalkkilantie 3, Salo