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Särkisalo Church

Kirkkopolku 4, Särkisalo
Särkisalo Church in the summer
Särkisalo Church altar
Särkisalo Church organ
Särkisalo Church in the spring

Särkisalo Church is a log church with a rectangular base and the building was completed in 1760.

The wooden church of Särkisalo was built in 1760. It has a rectangular base and no towers. The altarpiece depicts Jesus with children, and it was painted by Alexandra Frosterus-Såltin in 1897. The church balcony was built by carpenter Juhana Backman in 1760. Karin Mascitti-Slotte painted the apostles on the side of the balcony in 1961. The stained glass pieces were made by Karin Mascitti-Slotte in 1958. A separate wooden belfry was built in 1761–1762, and Juhana Backman served as the master builder.

The church has seating for around 230 people.

Särkisalo Church
+358 2 77 451
Kirkkopolku 4
25630 Särkisalo