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Experience Salo’s Cultural Gems – the Cultural Route

The route starts from the city center of Salo from Kuiro's cafe
Wiurila manor
Wiurila manor from above with nature around
Art museum Veturitalli from outside
Restaurant Rikalan Krouvi from outside
Halikko museum from outside
Design Hill from outside

Experience culture, history and local life on the same route. The route runs from the centre of Salo via Wiurila Manor to the most pleasant rest stop in Finland – Design Hill.

Explore Salo’s cultural offerings on a route that you can take by car, motorbike, bike or even hiking. The route is a varied overview of Salo’s cultural offerings and is therefore suitable for many travellers and locals alike. The route is designed to be covered in a day, but can also be spread over several days and thus be enjoyed over a slightly longer period.

The route runs from the Kuiro Café to the Salo Art Museum Veturitalli. From there it continues to Wiurila Manor and the Rikalanmäki Heritage Site. The route also includes the Halikko Museum Bridge and Museum, a medieval church, and perhaps the most pleasant rest stop in Finland, Design Hill. The route is culturally comprehensive, including local history, urban and rural landscapes, cultural history and art, and of course, all sorts of wonderful treats to enjoy.

Welcome to a cultural trip to Salo!

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