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Nakolinna Trail

Meriniitynkatu 37
Nakolinnnan polulla

Starting point: the Nakolinna Nature Trail starts from the cycling lane in Meriniitynkatu (the coordinates of the departure point are 60°23’297”N, 23°5’895”E). The nature trail diverts from the cycling lane, goes clockwise around Varesvuori, and returns to the starting point. You can drive to top of the hill by car along the cycling road, and leave your car in the small car park located in the yard of Nakolinna. The car park coordinates are 60°23’406”N, 23°6’009”E

Guidance: There is a signpost to Nakolinna at the beginning of the cycling lane starting from Meriniitynkatu.
At the start of the nature trail, there is an information board about the route. The trail is marked in the terrain with swan symbols, which also contain numbers for the attractions along the nature trail. A guide is also available about the nature trail. It describes the cultural history of Nakolinna, for example, as the site where the Halikko treasure was found.

Route: The nature trail runs clockwise around Varesvuori along a network of paths and cycleways, presenting the versatile nature of the rocky area of Nakolinna through various attractions. The length of the nature trail is approximately 2 kilometres and it takes about an hour to go around it. The nature trail is easy and suitable for people of all ages but not for persons with impaired mobility, as there are some roots and rocks on the path. Along the trail, various natural attractions have been marked, such as a larch-dominated forest and a tall herb meadow. Traces of human activity can be seen on the path, for example, in the vegetation. Use of the site is limited to the time when the ground is not frozen, as there is no winter maintenance in the area.

Instructions: Distance between the intercity bus stops along the Main Road 110 and the nature trail is approximately 200 metres. Ordinary footwear is suitable for the nature trail. You can either walk the route or ride by mountain bike.
Take your rubbish back home with you. Litter thrown into the wild is life-threatening for birds and other animals in the area. Lighting a campfire is strictly prohibited!
In an emergency call 112 (the coordinates of the parking area are 60°23’406”N, 23°6’009”E): Identify yourself, indicate where you are (exact address and municipality) and explain what has happened. Ask other people in the vicinity for help and be present until professional assistance arrives. Guide the helpers to the site. Call again if the situation changes.
Address: Meriniitynkatu 37, Salo

Nakolinna Pasture area

The Nakolinna area was changed to accomodate pollinators  during in the winter of 2022-2023 with the Pölytäjälinna project coordinated by Tapio. Grazing animals will complement the work done, as the overgrown fields, meadows, hedgerows and forest pastures are beeing managed by sheep paid with a special grant from Kunta-Helmi.

The pasture area is about 9 hectares and 2.5 kilometers of fence line has been built. The area is divided into two blocks, upper and lower pasture, of which only one is grazed at a time. Grazing is periodic, i.e. the sheep graze in the area in early and late summer. The pasture area has a total of 8 self-closing gravity gates, through which there is still access to the trails in the area. The bike path is still available to all users all year round but a shortcut through the pasture has been closed.

When moving in the area, close the gates behind you and follow the instructions on the information boards. Do not feed or disturb grazing animals. Do not litter. Dogs must be kept outside the grazing area during the grazing season from May to the end of September.

Nakolinnan kartta (pdf)  (401,59 Kt)


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