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Salo Idyllic Villages – Car Tour

The journey starts in the Märynummi village by the motorway
Road for cars between trees
Kirjakkala yellow wooden house
Sea view from above
Trömperin kestikievari buildings
Ruukin Kutomo windows

This interesting tour takes you to Salo’s award-winning and idyllic villages, a combination of old and new village culture, traditional landscapes and beautiful nature. Discover Salo’s village culture on the Salo Idyllic Villages car tour. The villages along the route have each been awarded the Southwest Finland Village of the Year.

The route starts right next to the motorway (E18) in the village of Märynummi, known for its historic hospital and varied outdoor sports facilities. Next is the charming village of Hajala, an area of cultural, historical, and scenic interest.

After the Kokkila ferry and the Strömma canal, it is time for the Teijo Ironworks Villages, which have also been awarded the National Village of the Year 2010. Here you will find things to do and see all year round. The first to welcome you is the cheerful Mathildedal, which offers culinary delights and unique products. The ironworks village of Teijo offers experiences for those interested in history, culture and sport. The final stop is the ironworks village of Kirjakkala, where you can discover the enchanting nature of Lake Hamarinjärvi.

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