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Naarjärvi beach

Uimarannantie 245, Knaapila, Perniö
Naarjärven uimaranta
Naarjärven saunarakennus
Naarjärven grillikatos ja leikkipaikka
Naarjärven lentiskenttä

The swimming facility has a sandy beach with a safe area for little children that has been demarcated with piers. The diving tower has platforms at one, three and five metres. The sauna department has separate changing rooms and washing facilities for women and men, and a shared sauna. There is a toilet in the area. Next to the sauna building, there is a sheltered barbecue hut for free use. All visitors are welcome to use the beach volleyball court and its nets and balls for free during the opening hours of the swimming facility, unless the facility has been booked for private use. There is a playground for children. The kiosk is open during the opening hours of the sauna between June and August.

Uimarannantie 245
25540 Knaapila