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Lindbom House

Lindbomin talo

Art Nouveau, or Jugendstil, landed in Finnish architecture with central European overtones. In Finland between the 1890 and 1910s, Jugend style also manifested itself as National Romanticism, influenced by Carelianism. In Salo, the police chief Kustaa Lindbom built his house on the Ilomäki hill in 1911. The window panes and decorative motifs of the mansard-roofed building were designed in typical Jugend style of the early 20th century. The most impressive details included a tower with a window and balcony built in the corner of the building facing the town centre. Unlike in other larger municipalities, no Jugend-style stone castles were built in Salo. However, Lindbom House and its tower created a castle-like feel with a National Romantic flair in the townscape. The tower section was later dismantled.