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Civil Guard of Halikko and Lotta Svärd Memorial

Salaistentie 1, Salo

The Civil Guard of Halikko and Lotta Svärd Memorial was unveiled on 6 December 1997. The Salo branch of Vapauden ja itsenäisyyden perinneyhdistys, the heritage society for freedom and independence, was responsible for erecting the monument. The plaque contains the following text: “Departments of the Civil Guard of Halikko and Lotta Svärd worked in this place from 1918 to 1944.” The base of the granite stone has been engraved with the text: “Home Religion Fatherland”. The commemorative plaque made of bronze is located behind the assisted living facility Paukkulakoti (Salaistentie 1) on a small wooded hill. The Civil Guard building, with a shooting range next to it, was built in 1928 and destroyed in a fire in 1942. The building site previously belonged to the municipality of Halikko, but with the regional merger of 1932, it became part of what was then the town of Salo. In 2009, the borders of the city of Salo were once again changed in the merger of ten municipalities.

Updated 11.1.2023
Salaistentie 1, Salo