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Armas Hutri, Washerwoman, 1983

Lupajantie 1a, Perniö

The sculptor Armas Hutri’s (1922–2015) Washerwoman sculpture from 1983 was unveiled in front of Perniö’s former town hall on 15 May 2016. The bronze and granite sculpture depicts the work done by women: a washerwoman and her washing paddle by the fire. The piece is, however, a more profound metaphor for the strong women who, if necessary, did the men’s work, too. In a manner typical for Hutri, the sculpture perches on the boundary between figuration and abstraction, a smooth and bright surface on one hand and a dark and rough surface on the other, and a combination of different materials, bronze and stone.

Updated 11.1.2023
Lupajantie 1a, Perniö