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Architectural Walk in the Centre of Salo

From Uskela Church on Lukkarinmäki Hill to Salo Art Museum Veturitalli

Get familiar with the buildings of central Salo on a walking tour. Using the My Maps Google application, Salo Art Museum prepared a tour named Architectural Walk in the Centre of Salo, which allows you to find out more about buildings located in the centre of Salo. Information about buildings of various ages and styles along the route has been entered into the map template, which can be found at

In its entirety, the architectural route runs from Uskela Church on Lukkarinmäki Hill to Art Museum Veturitalli and back again. If the journey seems too long, you can take only a part of it. Enjoy your walk!

One attraction along the route: Koskisenkulma has served the residents of Salo as a business facility for a long time. The stately building was originally commissioned by Urho Järvinen, the merchant of Perttelin tulli, in 1929. Many people can still remember the building as the hardware store Salon Kone ja Rauta. The building was designed in classical style by architect brothers Jussi and Toivo Paatela. The building has Mediterranean features, such as pillars and decorative motifs. The building is protected under the regional plan.