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Monument to the bards of Pettu

Kirkkopolku 4, Särkisalo

In the sculpture by Pekka Piekäinen (1945–2004), three faces of bards represent the bards of Pettu in the simplified idiom of Piekäinen.

The faces belong to Matilda Troberg, Wilhelmina Uppman and August Lindström, who lived on the island of Pettu in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The most productive of them was Troberg (1860–1933), who was specialised in ballads – there are over a hundred of recorded poems sung by him. Uppman (1843–1909) sung cradle and shepherd songs and wrote poems herself. Lindström (1833–1919), who was a shipmaster on a lime ship, was known for his sailors’ songs and spells. In 1989, the Meripirtti club put up the monument to commemorate the already forgotten bards. Pekka Piekäinen, who was known as a goldsmith and had family roots in Särkisalo, was chosen as the sculptor. The even bottom of the monument reflects the sea from which the faces rise. The faces are sculpted onto stones collected from the shores of Pettu.