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Trömperi Kestikievari inn

Vanha Turuntie 1326, Hajala
This sight has taken accessibility partially in account.
Vanha harmaa rakennus. Etualalla niittykukkia.
Vanha iso tupa ja tuvan kalusteita, rukki, keinutuoli, kaappikello, kaappeja, astioita
Vanha tupa ja iso leivinuuni, kotitalousesineitä, tiinuja, patoja.

The idyllic courtyard welcomes visitors to the 19th century atmosphere of Trömperi Kestikievari inn. The building in Hajala, Halikko, was originally a parsonage croft, and its oldest part dates to the 1700s. According to legend, counts and other royalty used to visit the inn, which was founded by Fredrik Strömberg, on their hunting and fishing trips.

In the atmospheric cottage, rag mats decorate the floors and rye bread poles hang in the roof. Trömperin Kestikievari inn is similar to a semi-detached house. It has a main room, a hallway chamber, a bakery hut and a chamber, that is currently the coffee room. 

Trömperi Kestikievari inn is protected under the Act on the Protection of the Built Heritage.

Opening hours:

15.6.-7.8.  wed-sun 11-17

Free entrance.

Updated 23.5.2022
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