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The Grain Silo Mural

Viljasiilo, Mariankatu 12, Salo

In September 2018, two murals were completed in Salo as part of the programme of the UPEA18 Art Festival, which spread into different parts of Finland. Organised for the third time in 2018, the art festival is a major art event in the public space, generating works of public art around Finland. For the first time, Salo participated in the UPEA art festival in 2018.

One of the murals was painted on the facade of the tall grain silo next to the railway station. The mural was made by Fabio Petani (b. 1987) from Turin, who has painted art on the walls of apartment blocks, the sides of buses and industrial areas in different countries. In the winter, when murals are more difficult to realise, he also produces works on canvas. The grain silo, owned by Suurseudun Osuuskauppa, was transformed by Petan into a large work of art, the subject of which are anemones and leaves combined with abstract forms. The work was named “Methanol & Anemone Coronaria”. The production of the mural was supported by the City of Salo, Senaatti-kiinteistöt, SSO, Tikkurila and Pintaväri, as well as lift companies.

Viljasiilo, Mariankatu 12, Salo