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Seppo Manninen, The Flame of Liberty

Sibelius-puistossa, Hermanni 1, Salo

To celebrate Finland’s 75 years of independence, a monument commemorating the contributions of war-time generations was unveiled in Sibelius Park. The park is located along the Raatihuoneenkatu street, between Rummunlyöjänkatu and Perniöntie. The Arc of Time and the Flame of Independence by Seppo Manninen together form the Flame of Liberty monument, which reflects the course of Finland’s history as an independent country. The Arc of Time, which symbolises the history of our country from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, rises forcefully from the ground but at times, it is also breaking. The 10-metre long Arc of Time is sculpted from the red granite of Mäntsälä. The Flame of Independence symbolises the fortitude, strength and determination needed to gain and maintain a country’s independence. The flame is made of polished stainless steel. The project was realised through donations, fundraising and financial assistance from the city.

The sculptor Seppo Manninen was born in 1937. He combines different materials in his sculptures, such as wood, fabric and metal. Seppo Manninen’s work Blue Thoughts is placed on the wall of the new Salo University of Applied Sciences. His other works include Crescendo in Turku Concert Hall, The Water of Life in the Somero parish centre and The Stairs of Knowledge in the Kiiruu School of Somero. Based in Somero, Manninen belongs to the Association Finnish Sculptors and the Dimensio group, amongst others.

Hermanni 1, Salo