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Railway Station

Rautatieasema, Asema-aukio

The actual station building of Salo railway station was completed in 1898. Like the roundhouse, the station building and its adjacent area were designed by Bruno F. Granholm, the chief architect of the Railway Board. Until the 1890s, Granholm mostly designed in the National Romantic style, but his designs became simpler towards the turn of the century. This was already visible in the station buildings along the railway line from Turku to Karjaa. The architecture of Salo station has some National Romantic elements, such as the decorated roof-like details and the shapes and ornamentation of windows and doors. However, as a whole, the station building is more symmetrical and the forms are clearer than in the lavish National Romantic station architecture of earlier years. Salo station is unique in that it is the only station building constructed in accordance with the Railway Board’s drawings for stations of the Class IV type, which originally included a restaurant and an apartment for the station manager.