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Rafael Saifulin, Bird, 2009

Kiskopuisto, Toijantie 5, Kisko

In Kisko Park in Toija, there is a sculpture by the sculptor Rafael Saifulin that depicts a 4.5 metre human figure holding a bird with spread wings. The sculpture was completed in 2009, and it is made of iron and stainless steel. Previously, another sculpture by Saifulin, depicting a girl and a swan, was located in Kisko Park. Rafael Saifulin lives and works in Kisko. His public sculptures can be seen, for example, in Hanko (Wind from the sea, 2005) and Turku (Lucky Horse, 2005). Saifulin’s sculpture Happiness from 2006 is located in front of Salo City Hall.

Updated 11.1.2023
Kiskopuisto, Toijantie 5, Kisko