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Puuilo Salo

Valtatie 5
Puuilo has large range of tools.
Puuilohas wide selection of pet products.
Work Clothes.
Puuilo has a lot of gardening tools.

Puuilo is a department store for crafty people in Halikko, Salo. There are already more than 30 Puuilo stores in Finland!

Our selection includes construction wares, tools, yard and gardening supplies, car supplies, household goods, electrical and HVAC supplies, pet needs, leisure equipment and food. You can purchase products from Puuilo on your company’s invoice after you have opened a Puuilo Business account. Puuilo also has an online shop.

The general opening hours of the Puuilo stores are:
Mon-Fri 8-20
Sat 9-18
Sun 10-18
See exceptional opening hours.