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Postinkulma *virtual destination

Turuntie 4 / Asemakatu 9

In 1911, the Postinkulma building, or Post Office Corner, was completed in the corner of Turuntie and Asemakatu (at Turuntie 4 and Asemakatu 9). It was commissioned by the postmaster Rosa Forstén and designed by the architect Alexander Nyström. Postinkulma was one of the most significant buildings that changed the look of Salo as a commercial centre in the early 1910s. The business premises at street level were built from stone, while the residential apartments on the top floor were wooden. The Postinkulma building created a National Romantic impression with its simultaneously solid yet delicate decorations. The viewer’s attention is drawn to, among other things, the ornamentation in the façades, the design of the entrances and doors, as well as the castle-like tower in the corner, and the stone pillar that supports it. The building was demolished in the 1970s and a bank and commercial building was built in its place, still existing today.