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Parish Building, Kirkkokatu 5, and Salo Church

Kirkkokatu 5

Designed by Gustaf Nyman in 1889, the building at Kirkkokatu 5 currently houses parish functions. It is built in the style of nikkarityyli, a highly decorative wood construction style, which flourished in Finland in the late 19th and early 20th century. Next to the building is Salo Church, built in 1894 as a prayer room in accordance with G.E. Ekestubbe’s design. In 1914, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Salo decorated the prayer room for church use, after the architect Alexander Nyström’s design. The building was transformed into a church in 1926 on the basis of drawings by Ilmari Launis. The bell tower of Salo Church was completed in 1933.