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Nuotio House

Rauhalankatu 3 Salo

Architectural Modernism filtered into Finnish architecture by the late 1920s, early 1930s. Functionalism as a revolutionary style and reformer of architectural ideals became a symbol of national progress. In this spirit, Nuotio House, which was completed in 1935, represented a new style of buildings in the Lukkarinmäki area. This early Functionalist building in Salo was commissioned by Master Toivo Nuotio and designed by the architect Totti Sora. Alongside the first Functionalist buildings in Turku, Nuotio House and Syvähuoko House in Salo were part of the breakthrough of modern architecture throughout the whole country. As was typical for folksy Functionalism, a gable roof was built for Nuotio House. However, in other respects, the horizontal lines, rows of windows and simple white walls represent the purest form of Functionalism.