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Monument Commemorating the Ones Deceased in Karelia, Kirsti Liimatainen 1954

Sairaalantie 5, Salo

At the initiative of the Karelian Association, monuments commemorating the ones deceased in Karelia were set up in the early 1950s. In 1953, Salon Seudun Karjalaiset ry, the Karelian organisation in the Salo region, asked the Salo-Uskela parish for permission to erect such a monument in the vicinity of Uskela Church. Aulis Blomstedt, the designer of the war grave area (1906–1979), made a proposal for the location of the monument. The Karelian Association had commissioned two artists to make several proposals for a statue. Kirsti Liimatainen’s sketch no. 3 was selected for Salo. In the 1950s, Kirsti Liimatainen also designed other monuments to commemorate the ones deceased in Karelia. They are located in Imatra, Kauhajoki and Jämsä. The memorial monument was unveiled in 1954.

Updated 11.1.2023
Sairaalantie 5, Salo