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King’s Road – Uskelankirkkotie – Lukkarinmäki


Suuri Rantatie, also known as the King’s Road, was built in the 1300s to provide a land connection between Turku and Vyborg. From Turku, the road passed via the Halikko Museum Bridge and Church to Salo, from where it continued south towards Tammisaari: Uskelankirkkotie was part of the route running from Stockholm to Saint Petersburg. Uskelankirkkotie cuts through the Lukkarinmäki hill, which was annexed to the township of Salo in 1932 from the municipality of Uskela. Lukkarinmäki has developed into a green urban area of single-family houses: in addition to the building stock dating back to the turn of the 20th century, new buildings have been added in moderation throughout the different decades. The Finnish Heritage Agency has included the Lukkarinmäki area in the list of built cultural heritage sites of national significance.