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Järvinen Commercial Building – Koskisen kulma

Turuntie 15

In 1929, Urho Järvinen’s commercial and residential building was completed in Perttelin tulli, in the corner of Turuntie and Perttelinkatu. It was designed by the architect brothers Jussi and Toivo Paatela as one of their last joined projects. In architecture, the rationalisation of styles was underway, that is, a shift from Classicism to Functionalism. Järvinen’s commercial building became a representative example of Classicism. With facades opening in three directions, the building is still one of the most important architectural attractions in Salo. The onlooker’s attention is drawn to the pillars and decorative motifs that bear traces of Mediterranean architecture in typical Classicist style. In 1940, Urho Järvinen’s commercial building became property of Jalmari Koskinen. When the activities of the hardware store Konekauppa J. Koskinen (later Salon Kone ja Rauta) started on the spot, people started calling the building Koskisen kulma [Koskinen Corner], which became its commonly used name. The building is protected under the regional plan.