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Ilolansalo and Paulinpuisto

Turuntie 27

The Ilolansalo and Salon Paulinpuisto buildings, offering assisted facilities for the elderly and the disabled, represent the architecture of the 2000s. Ilolansalo, located in the corner of Turuntie and Ilolankatu, was designed by the architectural firm of Jarmo Saarinen in 2002. The tall and massive building, spreading its wings along Turuntie and Ilolankatu, creates a framework for Kauniainen, a residential area consisting of older wooden houses. Efforts have been made to connect Ilolansalo with the lower building stock surrounding it with different lines and choices of material. Paulinpuisto, owned by the Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability (KVPS) is located next to Ilolansalo at Turuntie 27. The building, completed in 2019, was designed by the architectural firm Vihanto & Co. Prefabrication technology is still a dominant method of construction, while in newer buildings, more attention is paid to the architectural appearance: the finishings of the facades of Paulinpuisto return back to the simple clarity of Functionalism.