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Anti-Aircraft Gun

Tehdaskatu 31, Salo

During the Winter War, the Defence Forces could not spare any air defence equipment, although Salo was being bombed because of its production of military equipment and its railway bridge. As a result, the residents of Salo decided to acquire anti-aircraft equipment themselves. Two anti-aircraft guns of type 40 ItK B (Bofors) were bought to Salo with funding from local companies and private individuals. The guns were manufactured by the state-owned gun factory Valtion Tykkitehdas. The guns were brought into use at the beginning of the Continuation War.

The gun on display is one of the two guns purchased by the residents of Salo at the time. It is now situated near its war-time location. Through private donations, i t was possible to acquire it back to Salo. On 16 June 2001, the cannon was unveiled, when 60 years had passed since the establishment of the two-gun anti-aircraft unit in Salo, with the identification code of 71 Kev.It.jaos. The city built a protective cover for the gun. This monument was erected as a tribute to the generation that preserved the freedom of our country through many sacrifices.

Tehdaskatu 31, Salo