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Anchor in Krouvinpuisto Park

Krouvinpuistossa, Turuntie 1, Salo

In 2010, an anchor made of wooden logs was placed in Krouvinpuisto Park in Salo. It used to belong to a Norwegian barque called Mizpa. Made out of wood, Mizpa was built in 1891 in Arendal, and its home port was Risor in Norway. The ship’s GRT was 564, length 146 and width 34 feet. Mizpa was shipwrecked in an autumn storm on 31 October 1911 near Morgonlandet in the Hiittinen archipelago. All 14 members of the crew perished in the disaster.

Divers from the diving club Simppu searched for the wreck of the ship in spring 1991. The hull was not found, and it is suspected that masses of floating sea ice had torn the vessel to pieces and spread it over a wide area. However, the ship’s anchor was found. It was owned by Jorma H. Nieminen until 2010, when he donated it to the City of Salo.

Turuntie 1, Salo