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Susi-lita’s monument

Turilantie 170, Salo

In the naivistic painting, a wolf attacks a woman walking on a trail, whilst a man with an axe rushes to the rescue. The monument of Susi-Iita (Ida Emilia Laakso), located in village Kierla in Vaskio, describes an event in which a schoolgirl named Ida was only just saved from a wolf. The wolf mauled the 9-year-old Ida Elina Laakso on 22 October in 1880. The girl was saved by the farmhand of the neighbouring house just in time, who chased the beast away by yelling.

Laakso survived the wolf’s fangs and lived in Halikko until 1960. In a recording made in 1955, she talks about the event. The memorial was revealed in 1997.