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Särkisalo gym

Jennynkuja 2, Särkisalo

The gym in Särkisalo is located in the Särkisalokoti community centre.

There is an exercise bike and a rowing machine for warm-up exercises in the gym. In addition, the gym has free weights, some machines with adjustable weights and limited gymnastics equipment.

The gym has a toilet, but no separate changing rooms or showering facilities.

The gym is not fully accessible.

Opening times

Mon–Sun 6:00–21:00


Check the price list for prices (finnish)

Gym users pay for an annual fee in the swimming pool (Anistenkatu 6) or at a service point.

The gym key is only for personal use of the key holder.

Further information

Customers aged 15 and over can use the gym independently, and those aged 13 over are welcome if accompanied by a parent (both pay an entrance fee).

Salon liikuntapalvelut
02 778 4702