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Salo Swimming Hall

Anistenkatu 6, 24100 Salo
This sight has taken accessibility partially in account.
Uimahallin rantapallo,
UImahallin joulusaunasta tunnelma kuva
Uimahallin joulusaunassa hyppyaltaassa tunnelmavalaistuksessa uintia
Uimahallin hyppytorni kynttilävaloin koristeltu
uimahallin kuntosalin laitteita
uimahallin kuntosalin juoksumatto

Salo Swimming Hall is located in Salo Sports Park, right by the golf course and the Salohalli sports centre. Beach ball designed by Pekka Jylhä and called “Joy” is situated in front of the building.

The swimming centre has a children’s pool, therapy pool, recreational pool, cold pool, diving pool, a pool for competitive swimming, a gym and an exercise area.

The opening times and exceptions to the schedule

Swimming pool price list (in Finnish)

Information on accessibility: Please see below for details on pools that have a lift for people with mobility issues. The changing rooms (both for women and men) include an accessible changing room equipped with an electronic Plinth changing table with a lift. The shower facilities have a toilet and a shower with disabled access, and it is also possible to go into the sauna with a wheelchair.

Pool area

The children’s pool is 12.5 metres long, and the water deepens gradually to 0.8 m. The pool includes a small slide and a play turtle. Water temperature +30°C. A lift for people with mobility issues.

The depth of water can be adjusted in the therapy pool. The pool depth can be either 1.10 m or 1.40 m. Water temperature +30°C. The pool has massage showers. A lift for people with mobility issues.

The recreational pool is meant for relaxation. The pool contains massage showers and a 31-metre water slide. Water temperature +30°C.
In the cool pool, you can relax your muscles after a workout. Water temperature +7–8°C.

The diving pool is a 25-metre pool, and the water deepens gradually from 1.2 m to 3.8 m. There are 6 swim lanes, and each lane is 2 m wide. The diving pool has diving boards at 1 m and 3 m, and a diving platform at 5 m. Water temperature +27°C. One of the lanes in the diving pool is reserved for water runners, and there are floatation belts for free use. At the shallow end of the diving pool, there is a TV with a selection of virtual water aerobics classes for customers to choose from. A lift for people with mobility issues.

The pool for competitive swimming is 25-metres long, and the water deepens gradually from 1.3 m to 2 m. There are 6 swim lanes, and each lane is 2.5 m wide. Water temperature +27°C. The pool for competitive swimming has a lane for water runners. All water runners are welcome to use the floatation belts for free. The pool for competitive swimming is used for swimming competitions, and we have an electronic timing system and starting blocks. A lift for people with mobility issues.

Water Fun and water exercises

During the Water Fun sessions, the diving tower is open, and there are water toys in the diving pool and children’s pool. Saturdays and Sundays from 14:15 to 15:45.

The water exercise classes are open for all and included in the entrance fee. The classes are meant for all customers who enjoy exercising in water. No registration is required, and you can take part in the classes by simply paying the entrance fee to the swimming pool. Come and enjoy half an hour of fun in the water!
Schedule of water exercise classes:

Weeks 3–20 (excluding week 8) and 35–50 (excluding week 42):

  • Mon 7:00–7:30
  • Wed 15:00–15:30
  • Thu 8:00–8:30

Weeks 21–25 and 31–34:

  • Mon 7:00–7:30
  • Wed 15:00–15:30

Fitness facilities

The swimming pool’s fitness facilities are 123.5 square metres in size. There are two changing rooms with toilets in connection with the space. The fitness facilities have their own equipment storage. Classes such as yoga and pilates take place in the fitness facilities, and the space also functions as a venue for children’s birthdays. The exercise area also serves as a meeting venue.


The gym is located on the ground floor of the swimming pool. You can enter the gym via the checkout counter and changing rooms (on the first floor). Those with mobility issues are advised to ask at the checkout counter for alternative ways to access the gym.
The gym has a variety of gym equipment, hand weights and a bench press station.
Access to the gym is included in the swimming pool fee. The swimming pool cards are for personal use of the card owner only.
Customers aged 15 and over can use the gym independently, and those aged 13 over are welcome if accompanied by a parent (both pay an entrance fee). The gym is not meant for children under the age of 13.
The warm-up equipment at the entrance level includes two rowing machines, a crosstrainer, treadmill, stepper, two exercise bikes, a recumbent exercise bike, SkiErg and a wave machine.
On the lower level, you can find free weights, a bench press station, lat pull-down, cable crossover, smith machine, assisted dip/chin machine and a stepper for warming up.