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Pertteli Church

Kaivolantie 150, Pertteli
Pertteli Church
Inside Pertteli Church
Pertteli Church
Pertteli Church altar

One of the finest attractions in Pertteli is the medieval grey granite church dedicated to Bartholomew the Apostle.

The church was perhaps completed in early 16th century, but a weaponhouse was added in 1750, followed by a sacristy in the 1820s. The oldest parts of the separate belfry date back to the 1720s, and the belfry assumed its current form with Neo-Gothic features in 1889.

The church is located in a very scenic spot in the cultural landscape of Uskelanjoki River.

Pertteli Church
+358 2 77 451
Kaivolantie 150
25360 Pertteli