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Mural of Lauri the Blacksmith

Asemakatu 3, Salo

In 2014, a fox mural was painted in Salo by the Turku-based artist Jukka Hakanen. The mural draws inspiration from Salo’s first known resident, a blacksmith named Lauri, and from the regional animal of Southwest Finland, the fox. After the public vote, the work was named Repo Lauri [Lauri the Fox]. The mural is located in Asemakatu, on the wall of an apartment block next to the building of the voluntary fire brigade VPK. Salo also has a bronze sculpture of Lauri made by the sculptor Ben Renvall in 1963. The sculpture is located in Vilhonkatu, in the green area near the library.

Updated 11.1.2023
Asemakatu 3, Salo