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Lehmijärvi beach

Lehmirannantie 121, Salo
Lehmijärven laituri ja portaat
Lehmijärven uimarannan saunarakennus
Lehmijärven uimarannan leikkipaikka
Lehmijärven uimarannalla

The beach in Lehmijärvi has two piers and a shallow sandy beach for children.

The public saunas are open during the opening hours when the weather is warm. In addition, there are showers, changing rooms and toilets.

There is one beach volleyball court in the area free for all visitors to use, and a children’s playground built in 2020.

The sauna and kiosk are open and a lifeguard is present between June and August in accordance with the opening hours of the sauna.

Lehmirannantie 121
25170 Perniö