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Ylikulmantie 317, 25330 Kuusjoki
Ilmakuva Kuusjokitalosta
Kuusjoen kuntosalin laitteita
Kuusjoen kuntosalista

Kuusjokitalo is a sports hall near Kuusjoki Church. It was completed in 1989. Kuusjokitalo can be booked for parties for as many as 300 persons.

Hall for ball games

  • 626 square metres
  • 34 metres x 18.4 metres, height 8.7 metres
  • Clear length 33.5
  • Clear height 7.1 m
  • Volleyball, basketball, floorball (rink), futsal and handball, as well as gymnastics equipment and gym mats
  • The hall can be divided into two sections
  • Synthetic floor material
  • In the equipment storage, there are appr. 400 chairs and 40 tables, which can also be used at other venues against a fee
  • Three changing rooms in total (two of which are in shared use with the gym)
  • Kitchen facilities, which can also be rented out for private functions


The gym is located in a civilian shelter in connection with Kuusjokitalo. The gym has an exercise bike, spinning bike and a rowing machine for warm-up exercises. In addition, there are free weights and machines with adjustable weights in the gym. There is a toilet in the gym. Changing rooms with showers are located in connection with the sports hall in Kuusjokitalo, along a separate corridor to the right of the entrance. The gym is not fully accessible.

  • 80.1 square metres (of which 6.8 metres is used for building technology)
  • 10 x 8.7 metres
  • Height 3.4 metres
  • Customers aged 15 and over can use the gym independently, and those aged 13 over are welcome if accompanied by a parent (both pay an entrance fee).

Check the price list for prices (finnish)
Gym users pay for an annual fee at the swimming pool (Anistenkatu 6) or at a service point. The gym key is only for personal use of the key holder.

Opening times:
Mon–Sun 7:00–22:00