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Kuusjoki Church

Ylikulmantie 234, Kuusjoki
Kuusjoki Church in the begining of the summer
Kuusjoki Church
Inside Kuusjoki Church
Kuusjoki Church and the text on the door
Kuusjoki Church rooftop

Kuusjoki Church was completed in 1823. It has seating for 350 people.

The wooden church served originally as a chapel, and it was built by the locals without a specific design. Tradition has it that Malin, who was in charge of the work, instructed the builders: “If we want a high church, let’s keep stacking the logs”.

Kuusjoki has been a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Salo since 2009. A church service takes place in Kuusjoki Church almost every Sunday.

Updated 15.12.2022
Kuusjoki Church
+358 2 77 451
Ylikulmantie 234
25330 Kuusjoki