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Journey of Flavours in Salo: Car Tour

The route starts from Salo marketplace
Meal on a plate in front of marina
Muurla cafe from outside
Kirjakkala yellow wooden house
Kyläravintola Terho from outside

Take a trip for the taste buds around the delicious Salo region and fall in love with the region’s cafés, restaurants, breweries, and bakeries. Foodies can enjoy local foods and drinks throughout the entire route. Grab snacks from the vast selection available at the Salo marketplace, hop in a car, and start your tour to explore the delicacies available in the Salo region.

On this trip, you will enjoy slow days in idyllic cafés and unique restaurants that prepare tasty experiences from local ingredients in season. You will also get to enjoy local food purchased from farm shops, freshly brewed coffee, and locally made apple juice and cider.

Beer and cider brewed in Salo’s villages and delicacies from our bakeries are excellent souvenirs. In addition to mouth-watering food, the route contains numerous cute small shops as well as high-quality accommodation and interesting events. Get to know the award-winning villages in Salo or visit Teijo National Park to enjoy nature all year round. After this journey, you will return home with a good mood and locally produced delicacies and souvenirs.

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