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Isohärjänmäki fitness trail

Isohärjänkatu 4, 24240 Salo
Isohärjänmäen kuntoradasta kuva
Isohärjänmäen kuntoradan varrella kuntoilulaitteet
Isohärjänmäen kuntoradan kuntoilulaitteita
Isohärjänmäen kuntoradan opastaulu

Lighted fitness trail of 2.6 km. During the snowy season in the winter, there are tracks for both traditional skiing and skate skiing. Walking on the ski tracks is forbidden.

There are two places along the fitness trail with outdoor fitness racks, and in the vicinity of the trail (between the day care centre and the trail) there is also a children’s playground.

The address of the parking area is Isohärjänkatu 4, 24240 Salo.

Ski track

Isohärjänmäki fitness trail on the map
Salon liikuntapalvelut