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Inkere fitness trail

Tortosmäentie 9, 25190 Pertteli
Inkereen kuntorataa kuvattu mäen päältä
Inkereen kuntoradasta kuva
Inkereen opastaulu
Inkereen leuanvetotangot

The starting point of the Inkere fitness trail is next to the sports field. There is a guide board on the wall of the service building in the sports field.

The fitness trail has four alternative tracks: 500 m (easy), 1 km (easy), 1.6 km (intermediate), and 2.7 km (intermediate). During the snowy season in the winter, there are tracks for both traditional skiing and skate skiing.

In addition to the sports field, there is a disc golf course, ice hockey rink, outdoor fitness racks, Inkere school, and library.

The address of the parking area is Tortosmäentie 9, 25190 Pertteli.

Ski track

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