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Hiking Trail Salo – Lehmijärvi – Kirjakkala (Teijo National Park)

The route starts from the city center of Salo
A person watching the sunset on a hill by the sea
Walking path in a forest
Small walking path in a forest
Walking path in a forest to a picnic area
Lehmijärven reitin pitkospuut
Juurakkoinen kohta Lehmijärven retkeilyreitin polulla

Come and experience Salo’s diverse nature on the hiking trail from Salo City Centre via Lake Lehmijärvi to Teijo National Park. The route takes you to beautiful viewpoints and an ancient trail, among other things. This half-marathon hiking trail is suitable for both hiking and mountain biking.

This varied hiking route takes you southwards from Salo to the charming ironworks village of Kirjakkala and the magnificent Teijo National Park. The route takes you through varied terrain in fields and forests, on cycle paths, gravel roads, forest roads and trails. Along the route, you can experience, for example, the magnificent Nikkallio lookout point, enjoy a picnic lunch at a lean-to shelter, and explore the ancient Viitakruunu trail. On a beautiful summer day, you can take a break at the Lehmijärvi beach, which has a kiosk and a water point in the summer. The route also passes through the Lehmiranta Holiday Resort, which offers hotel accommodation, spa, meeting, restaurant and café facilities.

The 21-kilometre route can be covered either by hiking or, alternatively, by bicycle. It is possible to start the trail from several starting points, allowing you to tailor the length of the route to your own needs. From the ironworks village of Kirjakkala, you can also set off on the 3.9 km Onnelanummi trail.

Salo-Lehmijärvi-Kirjakkala map (pdf) (6,66 Mt)

Salo-Lehmijärvi-Kirjakkala text (pdf) (51,16 Kt)

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