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Hiking Trail Salo-Lehmijärvi-Kirjakkala (Teijo National Park)

Pormestarinkatu 2
Lehmijärven reitin pitkospuut
Juurakkoinen kohta Lehmijärven retkeilyreitin polulla

The trail runs south from Salo to the beach in Lehmijärvi and from there to the Kirjakkala ironworks village in Teijo National Park.

There are alternative starting points for the hiking route in Salo (parking areas): the Sports Park (car park address: Pormestarinkatu 2, located by the sports field alongside Perniöntie), Ylhäistentie 2 (only a parking area, no signposts), Viitankruunu (car park address: Merikulmantie 255), parking area next to the Helisnummi lean-to shelter (address: Hämeenkyläntie 274). In Teijo National Park, the starting point for the hiking trail is the ironworks village of Kirjakkala (car park address: Hamarijärventie 62). The beach in Lehmijärvi (Lehmirannantie 103) also has its own parking area, from where you can set off on the hiking route.

In the terrain, the route is marked with red paint on trees and light poles along the way. Intersections along the route are marked by wooden signposts with pictures depicting hikers and mountain bikers. Beside the information boards in Ketola, Viitankruunu, Helisnummi lean-to shelter, Lehmijärvi and Kirjakkala, there are signposts describing the distances to the aforementioned sites.

The trail runs in field and forest landscapes on cycling roads, gravel roads, forest roads and paths. The total length of the route is 21 km. Along the trail, you can find, for example, a lean-to shelter, a great vantage point and an ancient trail (the route running via Viitankruunu), as well as Eero’s Trail located by the Lehmiranta Holiday Centre, and the Varikattilankierros Trail (cycling is forbidden in Varikattilankierros). The Onnelannummi Trail is available for visitors in the ironworks village of Kirjakkala.

Due to its height variations and length, the hiking trail is an intermediate trail suitable for people in good condition who do not have impaired mobility. Use of the route is limited to the time when the ground is not frozen, as there is no winter maintenance on the trail. It takes about 5 hours to go around the trail on foot, and about 1.5 hours for an experienced mountain cyclist. It is also easy to take the trail in shorter sections. A sauna and a kiosk are open on Lehmijärvi Beach during summer, and there is also a playground for children on the beach. Lehmiranta Holiday Centre is open throughout the year. In the vicinity of the trail’s “end points”, the services of central Salo and the Kirjakkala ironworks village are available.

The local and long-distance bus stops along Perniöntie are located near the starting points in the Sports Park and at Ylhäistentie 2. The starting points in Viitankruunu and Kirjakkala are also within easy reach from the long-distance bus stops in Merikulmantie. From the local bus stop in Ylhäistentie, there is a short distance to the part of the hiking route starting from Helisnummi. You can either hike or take the trail by mountain bike. As a rule, the trail runs on private land, so stay on the marked route and wear shoes that are sufficiently sturdy, as the rocky surfaces and roots may be slippery. Take your rubbish back home with you. Litter thrown into the wild is life-threatening for birds and other animals in the area. It is strictly forbidden to start a fire anywhere else apart from official campfire sites and by the lean-to shelters along the route! If a grass or forest fire warning is in effect, it is strictly prohibited to light a campfire.

In an emergency, call 112. Identify yourself, indicate where you are (exact address and municipality) and explain what has happened. Ask other people in the vicinity for help and be present until professional assistance arrives. Guide the helpers to the site. Call again if the situation changes. By downloading the 112 Suomi mobile app and using it in an emergency, you can speed up your access to help. Your location coordinates are automatically transmitted via the application to the emergency response centre. The 112 Suomi application can be downloaded from the app store under “112 Suomi”.

Salo-Lehmijärvi-Kirjakkala kartta (pdf) (6,66 Mt)

Salo-Lehmijärvi-Kirjakkala teksti (pdf) (51,16 Kt)


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