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Halikko Sports Hall

Kuruntie 7, 24800 Halikko
Halikon liikuntahallin palloilusali
Halikon liikuntahallilla sählyä
Halikon liikuntahallilla telinevoimistelua
Halikon liikuntahallin tanssisalissa kuperkeikkoja
Halikon liikuntahallin volttimonttu
Halikon liikuntahallista

The sports hall includes an area for ball games, a gym, dance hall, squash court, foam pit (not for private birthday parties) and a café. The café and cabinet (for 40 persons) can be booked for meetings.
The sports hall is also rented out for concerts.
The sports hall was completed in 1991.

Hall for ball games

  • 860 square metres
  • 38.8 x 22.2 metres
  • Clear height 38.3 metres, clear width 22 metres.
  • Height 8 metres.
  • Facilities for volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, floorball (a rink), gymnastics, handball, futsal
  • The hall has two partition curtains, and it can be divided into three sections
  • Wooden floor
  • Fixed seats for 600 persons
  • Maximum capacity: 1000 persons. When the stands are open, there are seats for 600 persons in total (three stands, 200 persons / stand).
  • There are six changing rooms downstairs for shared use by the ballgame hall and the dance hall

Dance hall

  • 110 square metres
  • Height 2.6 metres.
  • Mirrors on one wall, ballet bars on two separate walls.
  • Wooden floor

Squash court


  • 150 square metres
  • Height 4.5 metres

Gym users pay for an annual fee at the swimming hall (Anistenkatu 6) or at a service point. Payment in cash / with a bank card. You will receive an electronic access permit in connection with the payment.
Do not let other people into the gym with you. The last one to leave the gym turns off the lights. Please close all the doors behind you. More surveillance cameras have been installed in the sports hall, but they do not replace the responsibility and diligence of the users!

Opening times:

  • During the school year
    Mon, Tue, Fri 15:00–22:00
    Wed, Thu 16:00–22:00
    Sat–Sun 8:00–22:00
  • During the school summer holidays
    Mon–Sun 8:00–22:00

Café area
The café area can be booked for meetings and other functions, maximum capacity appr. 40 persons.