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Coastal Route

The route starts from the city center of Salo
Two people on bicycles
Two people on bicycles in front of Wiurila manor
Woman sitting on pier with a bicycle in front
Woman with bicycle wathing alpacas
Woman on a bicycle on coastal route in front of the sea
Woman on a bicycle in front of a windmill

Explore Salo’s diversity on a bike. The journey consists of archipelago views, idyllic villages, and wonderful nature, and it’s best enjoyed on a leisurely bike ride. The journey proceeds slowly, and there is no rush to get to the next destination. Stop for a refreshing break on one of Salo’s best beaches at lake Lehmijärvi, or get to know the highland cattle on Leipyöli farm amid Perniö’s river views. Leipyöli also offers bike-friendly accommodation and various activities.

Särkisalo welcomes you with gorgeous nature and a maritime atmosphere. Enjoy the nature experiences, excellent food and gorgeous sunsets. A ferry will take you from Ulkoluoto to Pettu, which is the outermost inhabited island of the archipelago village. Särkisalo is also known for its rich fishing waters, and many of the area’s entrepreneurs offer fishing services.

You will also get to experience the charming Teijo ironworks villages which will easily take you a day or two to explore. The villages offer unforgettable experiences, such as local food and spectacular nature. The ironworks villages are located by Teijo National Park.

Bicycle rental network along the Coastal Route

Get to know Salo conveniently on a rental bike. You can rent a touring bike and the necessary equipment at one rental point and return them to another. The bikes are available for a day, a week or for a longer period – what ever suits you best. Additional information on bike rentals:

Bicycle rental points

In Salo
Hotel Fjalar
Sokos Hotel Rikala

In Mathildedal
Mathildan Marina

In Särkisalo
Café Vinssi

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