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Archipelago Tour of Maritime Salo

The route starts from the city center of Salo
Sea and a boat going towards a bridge
Sea and marina in Särkisalo

Come and explore the maritime Salo and enjoy the joy of paddling on the Salo Archipelago Tour kayaking route. The route offers plenty to see and do for the active water enthusiast. The Salo Archipelago Tour is a total of almost 95 kilometres of canoeing. The route starts directly from the heart of Salo and takes you past Salo’s interesting islands such as Vuohensaari, Kaisaari and Isoholma. Vuohensaari offers a camping site, café and restaurant services, while Kaisaari and Isoholma, which are part of the Teijo National Park, have camping sites with campfire pits and toilets.

The route also includes the islands of Särkisalo in southern Salo, where you can stop to enjoy the area’s hospitality, beautiful nature and maritime atmosphere. In Särkisalo you will find cottages for rent, restaurants and cafés. Särkisalo is the perfect place to relax and enjoy all kinds of activities. The area is also known for its good fishing waters, and operators in the area offer fishing services to visitors. If you wish, you can also stop off to enjoy the varied offerings of the Mathideldal ironworks village on your way in or out.

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