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Hallonmäen siideripanimo

Hallonmäki ciders are handcraftet in Perniö using 100% local, freshly pressed apples. The brewery, located on the Hallonmäki farm, relies on bottle fermentation and uses their own farm ingredients in cider production. The cidery’s most popular ciders include HALLON, made from their own raspberries, and JUURI, flavored with ginger grown on the farm. The farm shop is open on summer weekends.

Brinkhall Ciderhouse

Open all year round almost every day. See current opening hours on Brinkhall Sparkling’s website or social media channels.

Brinkhall Ciderhouse offers a comprehensive cider experience. You get to learn about cider production, different production methods, from the champagne method to making ice cider, and you can see the cidermakers at work through the glass wall. It is also possible to take a peek at the production side, and the staff is happy to talk about their work with real cider. Cider tastings introduce you to different cider styles, for example while sitting on the terrace. On the shelves of the store, you can find Brinkhall’s award-winning product series as well as experimental special batches, more refined sparkling ciders and, for now, Finland’s only ice ciders. In addition, the store has a wide and high-quality selection of ciders from other manufacturers, both from Finland and abroad. There is enough to experience for experienced cider lovers as well as those who are new to it.

At Brinkhall Ciderhouse, a variety of events around cider are organized, e.g. themed Cider Days and trainings on cider making. You can also reserve time for your group of friends for a production tour and a guided tasting, which you can combine with freshly made chocolates from PetriS Chocolade’s chocolate studio upstairs or delicious dishes and pastries from the cafe.

Teijon Masuuni

The centre of art and handicrafts in the heart of an old ironworks village near Teijo National Park with a blast furnace founded in 1686.

Gallery, café, art and crafts shop and artisan boutiques in the historical maritime ironworks environment right next to Teijo Manor and the church.

The exhibition facilities host changing high-quality art exhibitions with free admission.

The art and crafts boutiques offer a selection of unique works by Finnish artists, such as graphics, ceramics, intarsia art, paintings, art cards as well as art and nature books.

Events all year round, including Masuuni Christmas market, the Ruukki Kukkii handicrafts market, Easter market.

Office spaces for rent for entrepreneurs from various industries.

Convenient hostel-style accommodation is available in the Masuunin Majatalo Guesthouse.

We also welcome groups!

Mathilda’s Marina

Sunny and comfortable full-service guest harbour. Easy to reach by land and sea. Restaurant, accommodation, banquet and conference services in the Salo archipelago. Perfect for rowing, SUP boarding, cycling and beach volley experiences. Provider of fun nights.

The shoreside restaurant Mathilda Marina’s restaurant has 100 customer seats, a large, sunny terrace and alcohol serving licence. There is also a small shop, rental sauna facilities (for 6 + 12 people) and a few rooms for those looking for peaceful accommodation. The inviting and laid-back saunas have a lounge area, covered terrace and heated outdoor jacuzzi. Visitors arriving by boat and caravan can take a shower and enjoy the sauna. Visitors can also empty their septic tanks and refuel (diesel/98); the services are open to all boaters. Welcome to the heart of Mathildedal ironworks village in the Salo archipelago!

Wiurila Manor

Wiurila Manor, owned by the Armfelt family since 1787, is one of the most important manor estates and most impressive cultural milieus in Finland. Wiurila is a unique destination for visitors, who want to experience manor life, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and be inspired by history, cultural experiences and nature. Wiurila offers food and drink, accommodation, conferences, celebrations, art exhibitions, golf in the summer, and museum visits for individual visitors or groups.

The fascinating home and horse carriage museums of Wiurila Manor are located in the magnificent agricultural building designed by C.L. Engel. Visitors have a unique opportunity to travel back in time to the history of the museum and learn about the manor life of the Armfelt family. The home museum showcases objects used in Wiurila since the 19th century. The exhibition includes costumes, accessories, furniture, dishes, toys, tools, photographs and information about people and families that have lived in the manor. The horse carriage museum houses vehicles owned by manors in the area from the 18th century onwards. The collection includes carriages and sleighs, ranging from small pony-carts to large horse-drawn carriages. The museum also contains the old manor workshop and a wood workshop in miniature size.

The museums are open to visitors in the summer, admission EUR 7/person. Museum tours are available for groups from April to October. The guided tour lasts 45 minutes, and the price is EUR 10 / person, including guidance and admission to museums. Minimum charge EUR 100/group

Wiurila’s idyllic manor restaurant’s services are available from spring to autumn during the golfing season. The restaurant’s atmospheric and comfortable banqueting hall is a great place for celebrations of all sizes. In the courtyard, there is a small and comfortable hotel for tourists, golfers and groups such as work teams. During the summer season, an extensive contemporary art collection, Wiurila Summer, will be displayed at the economic centre and its environment. Gorgeous roses are in bloom in the rose garden and the beautiful horses of the Stall Wiurila stables are grazing next to it.

Come and enjoy life in Wiurila!

Wiurila Manor
Viurilantie 126, 24910 Halikko
+358 (0)44 555 5458
+358 (0)40 012 1900


Villa Topuli

Villa Topuli’s unforgettable countryside milieu and versatile premises create an excellent setting for various events and family celebrations. In the summer, Villa Topuli runs a summer café.

Welcome to visit us! We are only a 15-minute drive away from Salo.

Second Chance

Second Chance is a lovely clothing shop in the idyllic Mathildedal ironworks. The main attraction is the owner Maija Nuppula’s own product line, Second Chance. It includes women’s and children’s clothes, accessories and bed linen made in Finland.

All Second Chance products are manufactured as small-scale production in small family businesses in Finland, ensuring excellent product quality. As the name suggests, some of the knitted materials are industrial surplus but still very high quality material knitted and dyed in Finland with Second Chance’s own unique prints.

Over the years, other high-quality brands have been selected for sale in the boutique alongside their own products: Calou’s super-comfortable clogs, Finnish handmade jewellery and high-quality natural cosmetics from France. This shop is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for something different, personal and high-quality – there isn’t a mass-produced piece to be found here!

See opening hours.

Welcome to our shop!

Small Coastal Route

Feel the joy of cycling and maritime atmosphere on the Small Coastal Route. The route is characterised by idyllic ironworks villages, beautiful landscapes and delicious food. Jump on the bike and take a tour of Salo’s Small Coastal Route. This route takes you from the city of Salo through idyllic ironworks, coastal villages and maritime archipelago landscapes. Stop for a refreshing swim, feast at the local restaurants, and rest in one of the lodgings along the way.

The Kokkila ferry takes you to Kemiönsaari island where freedom and the smell of the sea are present all year round. Walk on the cliffs, smoothed down by the sea, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze before continuing to the award-winning, idyllic ironworks villages in the Teijo region. The ironworks villages offer much to see and do throughout the year. First, you will encounter the lively Mathildedal, followed by scenic Teijo and appealing Kirjakkala. Park your bike and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the villages with some food and beverages. Kirjakkala, located between the sea and lakes, offers access to the trails, activities and nature experiences of Teijo National Park.

Colour therapy

Experience the glow of autumn in the unique Southwest Coast of Finland, in its lovely parks and on the beautiful trails of national parks.


Spectacular silence

Take some time for yourself and come savour the season of silence at the wonderful sights of Salo, Kimitoön and Pargas as well as the spectacular nature of Teijo and the Archipelago National Park.